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July 10, 2016
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What is (Live RSS / XML News Feed Server and more), and how do I get free content for my Website? is a service for Webmasters, site developers, and content providers.

It is free of charge.

We provide breaking news headlines on the topics of E-Business and Technology, and we update these headlines continuously, around the clock.

Whether you are an experienced Web developer, or a site owner just getting started, we have what you need to easily set up dynamic automatically self-updating news headlines for your Web site. No knowledge of programming is required.

We currently offer these eBusiness and Technology headline news feeds:

  • Free e-commerce headlines from the NewsFactor Network

  • Free general technology news headlines from around the world, powered by

For the general technology headline news feed, read on.

To get started:

1. RSS / XML Free Feed Server

Create a link to RSS / XML:


Save and Upload for parsing.

2. Basic Free News Feed Server

Create a link on your Web page to:


Save and Upload.


Just create a Web page with a "frame" in it, and paste the following URL into the frame code:


Save and Upload.

3. Enhanced Free News Feed Server

To insert the enhanced NewsFeed dynamically into your Web site, copy-and-paste one of the following into your Web pages' HTML code.

Flexible-Enhanced (White Background, Black Text):

Flexible-Enhanced Blue (White Background, Blue Timestrip with White Text):

    <script language="Javascript" src="/headlines/?javasc=1&basic_blue=1"></script>

Save and Upload.

Optional: If you would like to constrain the width of the output, you may place the above code in an HTML table.

4. Advanced Free News Feed Server

Highly Customizable (Just substitute values):

<script language="Javascript" src="/custom/?javasc=1&table_bgcolor=7799FF&timestrip_bgcolor=F0E7BF&timestrip_font_color=ffffff&table_cellpadding=5&table_cellspacing=1"></script>

Note: After pasting the code into your HTML document, please make sure that all code is on a single line, with no spaces between the characters.

Immediately, your site will have the latest, automatically updated news from around the world. No registration is required, and there is no obligation on your part whatsoever.


Which Best Suits Your Site?
Free RSS / XML News Feed Server

XML / RSS Format.
(Recommended for XML Parsing)

Basic Free Feed Server

Quick and easy to install.
(Recommended for new Webmasters)

Enhanced Free Feed Server

Just a copy-and-paste.
(Recommended for new or intermediate Webmasters)

Advanced Free Feeds Server

Highly configurable.
(Recommended for intermediate or advanced Webmasters)

All feeds are optimized for performance -- even on highly active sites.
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