What’s Included?

Real-time news headlines displayed on Affiliate Web sites. Headlines are updated automatically and require no programming.

Who Is Eligible?

Web sites that offer business content, technology content, or general Internet content are eligible to take advantage of the FreeNewsFeed.com service.

How Does It Work?

News Affiliates just add a few lines of simple HTML code to their Web pages. We provide the code and our Affiliates can simply copy-and-paste the code, which instantly provides automatically updating news. As we add stories the news on our news network (around the clock), the headlines are automatically updated on our News Affiliates’ sites. This is a one-time setup, and takes less than 5 minutes to implement.

How Much Does It Cost?

There is no cost. It is absolutely free.

What Will It Look Like on My Web site?

To see examples of sites that include the free NewsFeed, Click Here.

What Are the Benefits for Our News Affiliates?

There are several important benefits:

  • Benefit #1:
    As an Affiliate, you can now offer your visitors top-notch technology headline news, thereby positioning your Web site as a premier source of e-business and high-tech news. Delivering fresh, high-quality dynamic content increases the number of repeat-visitors to your site. All this is accomplished with no effort or expense.
  • Benefit #2:
    Adding international high-tech headline news contributes to a look-and-feel of professionalism for your Web site.
  • Benefit #3:
    Adding international high-tech headline news instantly adds prestige to your Web site. It assures visitors that your site features top-quality content, updated continuously. Besides delivering great content, it is an excellent way to promote your site.
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