How to Become a Web Developer

I Am Becoming a Web Developer: How to Train in Web Development?

The developer is responsible for the creation of a website and its functionalities. It is a programmer capable of adapting to the different languages and tasks of the site and has heavy responsibilities. The web developer is responsible for the design and technical development of new mobile web or mobile web applications in partnership with technical teams.

The job of a web developer: presentation

This professional is responsible for many missions. The main one is that he has to perform a technical analysis of his client’s needs to create a site with the typical architecture.


He then has to be responsible for programming it, organizing tests to continually verify the proper functioning of all the functionalities developed and to provide a follow-up, an aid, composed of corrections and technical and functional documentation once the project is completed. Among his responsibilities is the design of the site and its proper functioning, a pressure that he must learn to manage. The web developer is primarily responsible for carrying out technical analysis. He works with the project manager to analyze the client’s needs and to draft the general and detailed technical specifications. It develops the applications, writes the code lines needed to create a project, works on the interfaces, the functionalities that it corrects and it must also document the applications for further development and production. It tests and corrects bugs and changes requested by users. Finally, it must take account of developments in existing technical solutions. Qualifications Its qualities: speed of execution, adaptability and strong motivation for computing and learning new languages and systems. Being self-sufficient is essential when one is destined to become a web developer. You also need to master perfectly the languages used (PHP, SQL, Java) and be creative! Computer training to become a web integrator The internet developer can hold a bac +2 (BTS, DUT…) or +3 (professional license), but also have studied computer science and telecommunications in engineering schools or have pursued in computer science masters (specialization in digital media engineering, management, and information Systems). The bac+2 courses The courses to become ” dev ” are multiple. Some will choose to make a:
  • BTS computers and networks for industry and technical services
  • BTS IT services for organizations career paths software solutions and business applications
  • BTS Sio routes system and network infrastructure solutions
  • Information technology
The bac+3 courses Engineering schools also offer interesting courses. At the University, a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Web Developer for the business, multi-support computer developer or software engineering for the internet is also appropriate. Here are other examples of training leading to the web development business:
  • Bachelor Front-End Developer
  • Bachelor of web engineering
  • Bachelor, mobile application designer
  • Bachelor Project Manager Software and networks
  • Bachelor pro-Internet trades
Training bac+5 After some time, the developer can specialize in various areas: e-marketing, online publishing, banking, video games, insurance. Those looking for responsibilities will become technical project leaders or be able to mentor a team of developers. There are, for example, courses such as a:
  • Master Expert of IT
  • Master web project leader
  • Master development of the SI
  • Master Computer
  • Master’s degree in Computer Engineering
  • MBA digital developer
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